Monday, November 09, 2009

November 9th 2009, Gauteng; South Africa: Noel Deyzel, Managing Director of Integral Fusion, a technology solutions company, is all smiles and why not? He has every reason to rejoice with pride.


Integral Fusion has been recognized as SEDA preferred suppliers of IT services and will aid in outsourcing of projects for Seda accredited members.


The Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) is the Department of Trade and Industry agency for supporting small business in South Africa. And Integral Fusion will deliver software development initiatives, web design and other IT infrastructure support for SEDA bringing to the table its global infrastructure, experience, and skills to best service SEDA members.


And that’s not all. The company has been recommended by ITA (Information Technology Association of South Africa) to be Bizspark member for 2009. Bizspark is a global program designed to help accelerate the success of early stage startups by providing key resources when they need it the most. With this Integral Fusion becomes a Microsoft BizSpark partner in South Africa. It will now share Microsoft’s’ passion for driving the success of today’s most promising software startups through business mentoring, peer connections, advising start ups on cost effective tools and  other entrepreneurial resources to help go-to-market at faster speeds.


Speaking on the occasion Noel says, “We are delighted with the honor. Very few international companies are credited this kind of recognition and we feel extremely proud to be one of them. Our goal has always been to partner with clients, leverage advanced technology expertise & global delivery model to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their IT Application Environments. And both SEDA & Microsoft run up this philosophy. We are certain that these associations will help Integral to grow and build a level playing ground for other governments sectors to follow.”


About Integral Fusion

Integral Fusion is a leading business and technology services company that has delivered world-class business services and developed state-of-the-art technology products for numerous clients in varied industries like Finance, Telecommunications, Supply Chain Management, etc.

Incorporated in 2005, Integral Fusion offers Business and Technology Services in the areas of:

  • Product Development
  • Remote Marketing Services
  • Project Management

About SEDA

The Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) was established in December 2004 in terms of the National Small Business Amendment Act. It is the Department of Trade and Industry s agency for supporting small business in South Africa. The mandate of SEDA is to design and implement a standard national delivery network that must uniformly apply throughout the country. Its role includes the support and promotion of co-operative enterprises, particularly those located in rural area


About Bizspark

A part of Microsoft, Bizspark helps technology startups around the world incubate ideas and drive innovation forward. Microsoft® Startup Zone provides essential resources to get the most from Microsoft. It creates strong, reliable and scalable solutions to help you get to market faster.


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Monday, September 01, 2008

Integral Fusion provides end-to-end Software Testing services to help enterprises deliver high quality software resulting in competitive advantage and time-to-market acceleration.

Integral Fusion provides Independent Software Testing services for applications and products. We select tools and metho- ds to match our customers' technical requirements, budget, and schedule requirements, or use our customers’ standard tools and processes.

With services ranging from load testing, comprehensive software quality assurance (SQA) process assessments to fully retained outsourcing of entire SQA and software testing functions, our test functions consistently deliver the technical and business predictability expected out of software applications and products.

Our onsite-offsite model ensures round-the-clock testing providing the flexibility our customers need, and the Return on Investment (ROI) they expect. We provide end-to-end testing services including planning, design, scripting, manual and automated testing, reporting, and analytics.

Integral Fusion provides Project Management and Quality Assurance services to help guide organizations through critical information technology implementations. For any organization, the implementation of new technology solutions – whether packaged or customized software, application implementation, infrastructure roll-out, or systems integration - is a major task.

Integral Fusion assists organizations in many aspects of technology implementations, including direct project management, project governance, and third party quality assurance services. Our Project Managers bring years of hands-on experience and proven methods and tools. We work with an organization’s team to provide the direction necessary while understanding that we need to leave behind the knowledge of how to keep the system operating.

We also assist in defining new business processes to take advantage of the new technology and develop the policies and procedures accordingly.

Integral Fusion can also assist organizations as a third party QA advisor, where we review the work of the systems integrator, software vendors, implementer, and internal project team, to identify and mitigate risk areas and to help all parties meet their commitments.

Integral Fusion’s QA & Testing services covers testing strategy development, set-up and management of test organizational structure; test planning, test environment/ test lab design & setup, test automation architecture and test monitoring & assessment.

Our Testing services include load testing, functional testing, platform compatibility testing, usability testing, integration testing, quality assurance and more via our test lab facilities and service offerings.

Integral Fusion’s Offshore Development Center possesses the testing expertise leveraging products such as Mercury (LoadRunner, WinRunner), Rational and other popular tools. Providing clients with a disciplined, seamless and traceable process for moving their software to market, our integration testing services are tailored to client needs from the industry best practices. Our testing methodology is focused on your critical business scenarios to eliminate risk through effective software testing.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

With a portfolio that spans an array of domestic and international clients of varying size, industry and experience, our client list speaks volumes towards integral’s and our partner companies capabilities.

Our ethos has enabled us to adapt our products and services to meet the individual needs of each client whilst maintaining superior quality demonstrable by the final product. At Integral Fusion, we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with and learn from so many highly intelligent and skilled individuals. We consider our relationships with our clients not only as business partnerships but as friendships too.

We, “Integral Fusion” has developed technology solutions for Fortune 100 clients, branding, corporate identity and marketing solutions for clients in across all verticals ranging from Real estate, Finance, Publishing, Entertainment, Banking, Retail & Leisure, and Technology & Telecommunications.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

In its first phase of a strategic branding initiative that began earlier this year Integral Fusion has launched a redesigned Web site. Leveraging our years of experience in the field have come up with dramatic improvements in navigation, uniformity, appearance, and accessibility to users. Our use of enhanced graphics and the new page layouts provide visitors with an improved user experience.

The unconventional website ( ) uses optimized graphics and innovative techniques that give it its sophisticated look. The well planned architecture ensures ease of navigation, where in there is a less chance of visitors getting lost.

The website design has been built around the company philosophy and thus imparts a great insight into the company’s vision. The Company values and beliefs are clearly depicted throughout the site and provides for an interesting read.

The website provides comprehensive information about the broad assortment of IT services and products offered by them, in a segregated easy to access format. The site is nonetheless an easy read that employs few technical jargons consequently catering to a genre of visitors.

One of the main features of the new website is the RFI (Request for Information) through email to that allows your request to be passed on to the concerned person(s) facilitating a speedy reply from our end. This tool helps both parties make sure that the communication channel is easily accessible and reliable for unhampered dialog. This also allows Integral Fusion an opportunity to contact you on a later stage to follow up and inform you about our new service/product introduction, news etc.

The site also provides information on other related activities and businesses that the company is involved with such as web development taken care by our design studio as well as soft-skills, project management & consulting taken care by our ODC.

Integral Fusion as a vendor or partner is the kind of relation we foster with our business clients. This is only one of the plausible reasons for choosing us as your vendor or partner. You can check out other reasons to partner with us in our “Why Integral Fusion” section.

Our quality commitment, in terms of delivery deadlines, new technology etc. is quiet robust and you can read more about it in our “Service Assurance” section.

Strategy – Innovation - Value is our motto. The 3 pillars on which the company is founded: IT Strategy with the use of Innovative tools to bring Value to our customers.


Monday, August 04, 2008

In order to stay competitive in the emerging global economy, Companies worldwide are preparing to counter challenges like regulatory changes affecting workforce management, talent acquisition & globalized operations.
A strategic partner can help you manage IT (Information Technology) Workforce Acquisition at a competitive cost & can help mitigate risks . Your organization can hence look forward to support global business initiatives in a time frame that matches the pace of your business.
Integral Fusion Onsite – IT Consulting Services have been designed to manage organization’s human capital needs comprising of talent acquisition management & temporary workforce planning. We partner with organizations to find, hire & retain quality IT resources – within tight deadlines, ensuring minimal risk.
Integral Fusion’s IT Consulting Solutions are intended to deliver customer experiences that are highly intuitive and industry specific. Ever since inception, Integral Fusion’s focus has been to build a knowledge repository that enhances the business process.
Global footprints across United States, South Africa, European Union & India allow us to deliver comprehensive Onsite - IT Consulting Services to companies in a variety of domains like:-

  • Supply chain management

  • Asset installation management

  • Banking

  • Telecom

  • Information Technology Surveillance

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Integral Fusion’s Innovative Enterprise Application

Development Services provide your organization with

an array of turn-key solutions to address Enterprise

Development and Desktop Application Development

needs. It also enables the selection of an appropriate

offshore engagement model allowing organizations to

align IT Offshoring with Business in the long term.

Integral Fusion’s Innovative Enterprise Application

Development Services comprise of –

Selecting an appropriate Offshore Engagement


Identifying Service Level Agreement and Metrics

Software Architecture, Design, Development

& Deployment Services in Microsoft .NET

Technologies, J2EE

Custom Application Development solutions to

address business processes/functionality gaps in

Commercially Packaged Applications

Structured System Transition & Formal Handover

Stringent quality procedures clubbed with

benchmarked practices and experienced delivery

skills help our clients get maximum return on their IT

Offshoring Spending.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Now days, the public expects a business or organisation to have a Web site - even if just to supply basic information and a means of getting in contact.

· A Web site has become a necessity such as that of a telephone or fax machine or printed brochure.

· The Internet is recognised as one of the most cost effective forms of advertising available.

· Your Website acts as an automated operator/ virtual employee, your site can take over repetitive tasks such as answering your most frequently asked questions, gathering information and automatically sending out responses.

· Your website works around the clock - 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so people from other time zones and countries at their schedules.

· A Web site will also help your business increase profits.

· Compared to more traditional advertising mediums, the Internet has potential circulation figures/coverage area that can't be matched.

· The internet has become more resourceful and wide-spread, people are more often likely to use a website than the yellow pages.

* Remember - If the public don’t find your website, they will find your competitors.

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